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The Rogue Computer
Sale price: $15.00 NZD

A sci-fi adventure novel (for boys or girls)

Ryan Anderson has a lot to deal with in his complicated life. His mother died five years ago in a car crash, which also cost him his leg, and he is being bullied at school. Strange things start happening on the screen of an old school computer he is having to use at home while his own is being repaired - and the family pets begin to behave in weird ways as well.

A dodgy teacher and the bully's father are defrauding the school of funds. Southwood High School's brand new computers are being destroyed, one by one. Ryan enlists the help of his two friends, Tama and Sally, along with a quirky computer guy to protect them. They must come up with some way of saving the new computers from the rogue computer that is angry about being replaced and hell-bent on revenge.

Written by Jeff Taylor