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The Final Voyage of the Essence

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Your boat is sinking in a storm 25 nautical miles off the coast. It’s time to take to the life-raft, except the life-raft’s gone, ripped off the boat by a huge wave. Also washed away is the boat’s locator beacon, which would guide rescuers to the scene. A long, cold swim in a violent sea is inevitable. Your rescuers face a race against time to find you before you succumb to hypothermia and exhaustion…

This is a thoughtful, moving account of every cruising sailor’s worst nightmare, and of a tragedy that rocked the New Zealand yachting community, written as a cathartic memoir by one of the survivors. It is a salute to the selfless heroes of the search and rescue organisations, and an insight into how they work; and it provides some valuable lessons learned along the way for those who sail the oceans in small boats.

Written by Bruce Goodwin

Product Details:

  • Soft cover: 84 pages
  • Size: A5

Note: Proceeds from sales go to The Bay of Plenty Sailing Academy Trust (BOPSAT)