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Field Guide to New Zealand's Epiphytes, Vines & Mistletoes - 2nd Edition

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This Field Guide is the first to specifically profile New Zealand’s epiphytes, vines and mistletoes. Chock-full of information, it will open up the amazing canopy world for bush-walkers and botanists alike.

    Epiphytes, vines and mistletoes are a spectacular part of New Zealand’s unique forests. Epiphytes perch on other plants without taking resources while mistletoes remove water and nutrients from their hosts and vines climb high up trees to reach canopy sunlight.

    103 species are described with details of key features, habitat, flowering, fruiting and threat status. 

    Over 300 superb photographs illustrate the presented plants and ecological concepts.

    The layout is easy to use with clear botanical information and identification clues.

    Comment from Dr John Dawson, Award-winning co-author of New Zealand’s Native Trees and Nature Guide to the New Zealand Forest:

    “This is the first time in New Zealand that a book has been devoted to this special group of mostly flowering plants and ferns. Perhaps this is partly because they are so difficult to reach in the tree tops.

    "The photos are of a high standard and were mostly taken by the author.” 

    Written by Catherine L. Kirby

    The second edition was published in April 2016 with minor alterations including the following name changes:

    Astelia hastata (syn: Collospermum hastatum), Astelia microsperma (syn: Collospermum microspermum), Bulbophyllum pygmaeum (syn: Ichthyostomum pygmaeum), Bulbophyllum tuberculatum (syn: Adelopetalum tuberculatum), Dendrobium cunninghamii (syn: Winika cunninghamii).