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Do It Carefully workbook
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Do It Carefully introduces discriminating shapes, letters, and a few words; writing letters and the child's name; and hearing several initial consonant sounds.

Teaching Aims:

  • Practice neatness and carefulness in following directions.
  • Review from previous books.
    • Proceed from top to bottom and from left to right
    • Follow directions of matching, crossing out, circling, underlining, cutting, pasting, coloring, simple drawing, and counting.
    • Recognize the shape of a square, circle, and triangle.
  • Print letters of the alphabet.
    • Practice strokes are introduced.
    • Letters spelling child's name should be learned.
  • Hear initial consonant sounds of /sh/, /m/, /t/, /f/, and /z/.
  • Make associations, as sequence, things used together, parts of things, group similarities.
  • Practice word meanings, as larger, smaller, and summer, winter.
Written by Martha Rohrer

Product details:

  • Soft cover: 64 pages