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Coordination Champions

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This book contains all the help you need to develop good hand writing skills. This practical, yet simple, method of teaching good handwriting skills can be used by both new learners and adults alike.

Trace the letters of each word onto the see through paper overlay. You can even use the spare lines to practise your writing.

Where the idea came from

When starting school you learn from the blackboard. This is the slow way, so this idea came from copying other boys' books. Once I put a piece of tracing paper over the words and printed over the top, my printing improved.

What are the benefits of this idea

To be able to print neater and tidier handwriting as most people, children and adults alike, all use computers and the basic printing skills are never used. In going back to basic printing, you not only improve your printing, but also your coordination.

Who will benefit

All people - if a person has limited, or no printing skills, once he or she tries this skill, their printing will improve by leaps and bounds.

Low decile schools will also benefit, as will countries like India, China and Africa, whose population have limiated knowledge of English.

Published by Robert & Pauline Harrison