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Behind the Visor - my life in wartorn Vietnam

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As you read these pages recounting my experiences as a missionary in Vietnam, and the later desperate efforts to help ourselves and others to escape from the chaos in Saigon as the enemy closed in, it is my hope and strong desire that you will realise that the story is not so much an account about what we did ourselves, but it is more truly about the incredible love that God showed us as He journeyed step by step with us during those dark days. My simple message, engraved in my own heart, is that we can all count on this love and protection as we continue on our life journey towards eternity.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be used for the ongoing support of our projects around the world including those situated in Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Sénégal, Vietnam, India, Peru, Bolivia, Samoa, Philippines, Kenya.
Sister Sheila O'Toole RNDM

Product Details:

  • Soft cover: 204 pages
  • Dimensions: W160mm x H220mm