Russ Rimmington

Russ RimmingtonRuss is one of life’s unique, extraordinary characters.

His is a rags to riches life-story.

Brilliant, shrewd, eccentric, visionary and an entrepreneur are words to describe him. He’s an advertising and marketing guru, successful farmer, property investor, industrialist, politician, now author.

‘Hand a Man a Spanner’ is central to Russ’s journey with an emphasis on spanner.

He started life in poor circumstances, abandoned by his mother at a very young age.

He qualified as a lithographer in New Plymouth, winning an industry scholarship to study in London, and then went into the world of advertising in Hamilton. Advertising was only ever going to pay the bills when he discovered, by sheer chance, ‘the Sonic Spanner’ which he redesigned, but he will tell you that.

Russ has always had a love of the sea, representing New Zealand sailing 12 foot skiffs.

- Gordon Chesterman

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