Pauline Blomfield

Pauline and Blaze

Pauline has owned and trained dogs for over forty years. For many years she served as an advanced obedience instructor at a Dog Obedience Club. More recently she has done canine therapy in Rest Homes, Hospitals and Hospice. Pauline’s passion is tracking with her German shepherd dog, Blaze, while currently she is training a New Zealand Heading dog to work sheep. Pauline has attended numerous seminars and workshops from professional international dog trainers and believes the science behind dog training is continually evolving and there is always something new to learn.

While out walking Blaze, Pauline encountered children who had no hesitation in rushing up and throwing their arms around her dog. “It was not a problem for Blaze,” said Pauline, “She has a fantastic temperament and is very well socialised, but for many dogs this can be a very frightening experience, often with disastrous results.” Disturbed at the lack of understanding shown by children and adults, Pauline quickly realised the need for a fun book to help children understand how to act safely around dogs. This included the family pet. Armed with the belief that a little know-how can save a lot of heartache and her considerable canine experience, Pauline wrote HOW TO KEEP KIDS SAFE WITH DOGS (primary school age), KEEP ME SAFE (preschool 4-5 years) and now I WILL NOT GROWL (babies 6 months to 3 years).

Writing HOW TO KEEP KIDS SAFE WITH DOGS, KEEP ME SAFE and now I WILL NOT GROWL has allowed Pauline to share her passion for dog safety and make a positive difference in both children’s and adult’s lives. Pauline also speaks to many organisations on dog safety in the community.


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