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www.TheBestLittleBookStore.nz is an initiative by Print House of Hamilton (New Zealand) with the objective to provide a simple tool to print, promote and sell books and publications.

Print House is a leader in the New Zealand print industry and over the past three decades the company has produced a wide range of publications including children’s books, historical novels, medical journals to educational and story books.

Many of these publications have been for authors and organisations that were searching for a company that could offer a complete start to finish package—a one-stop shop!

After consultation with many authors we established that they often have difficulty with the marketing, selling and distribution of the books.

Print House has established www.TheBestLittleBookStore.nz to provide these organisations, authors and self-publishers an application to get their publication from concept into the readers’ hands.

Our service includes, typesetting, design, proof reading, print and binding production, ISBN and barcode allocation, project management and our on-line sales and marketing facility - www.TheBestLittleBookStore.nz.

www.TheBestLittleBookStore.nz enables access to a facility that markets, completes sale transactions and distributes all types of publications, whether it is a children’s book, cook book, war story, company catalogue or a genealogy or photo book.

With the experience we have gained over many years of operation we are able to supply a high quality professional product that is competitively priced and enables peace of mind.

We have the warehousing and distribution processes so this is a logical step for us to take and we not only assist individuals, there are many businesses and organisations who need to produce manuals and other documents and the print management and distribution systems we have developed will make the logistics of document delivery ‘hassle free’ for anyone.

Our print management and distribution store holds hundreds of titles that will be delivered throughout the country at designated schedules and these can range from a single document delivered through to 1000 training manuals or books… no task is too big or too small.

Keeping with our environmental integrity we are also pleased to offer the assurance to our clients and the public in general that all products produced by Print House and sold or distributed through www.TheBestLittleBookStore.nz can have either the FSC or PEFC certification validating that the product is produced from environmentally responsible and sustainable resources.

So if you need help printing your publication or you need assistance marketing and selling your publication online, www.TheBestLittleBookStore.nz and Print House will make the process from concept to saleable product a simple one.

For more information about Print House visit www.phprint.nz.

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