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Do you need help with publishing, printing, promoting and selling your publication? is an on-line promotion, marketing and sales facility that will assist authors, self publishers and many other organisations realise aspirations of producing and selling publications.
Print House is the author friendly printer and bookseller assisting kiwi authors with the printing and promotion of niche market books with a wide range of topics that will appeal to everyday New Zealanders.
Print House has been a leader in the New Zealand Print Industry for over three decades and in that time has produced a wide range of publications including children’s books, historical novels, medical journals, educational and cook books.
Many of these publications have been for people that were searching for a company that could offer a complete package from concept to public sale - a one-stop shop!
After much consultation we established that the promotion, sales and distribution of publications was often difficult and expensive for these people to manage alone.

Getting publications from concept into readers’ hands
With this in mind, Print House has created to provide an application to get publications from the authors’ script into the readers’ hands.
The Print House service has always included, typesetting, design, proof reading, print and binding production, ISBN and barcode allocation, project management and, now, an on-line sales and marketing facility
This on-line bookstore enables access to a facility that promotes, completes sale transactions and distributes all types of publications, whether it is a children’s book, cook book, war story, company catalogue or a genealogy or photo book.

Backed by first-hand experience
With the experience Print House has acquired over many years of operation we are able to supply a high quality professional product enabling ‘peace of mind’ and convenience.
Print House recently won a gold medal at the New Zealand Pride in Print Awards for the print and production of the children’s adventure book, Danger at Devil’s Cove written by Marilyn Bakker. The array of awards won over the past two decades provides an excellent example of Print House’s capabilities.
A vital part of our company operation is our existing fulfilment service. Storage, dispatch and on-line billing are part of our everyday service and we have experience with sending product throughout New Zealand and internationally.
We have the warehousing and distribution processes to store hundreds if not thousands of documents and our distribution systems will make the logistics of document delivery ‘hassle free’ - no task is too big or too small.
Our point of difference is that we are a one-stop shop for production and, now, promotion and sales of all types of publications. Our intention is to focus primarily on New Zealand topics, stories, authors and organisations.

Environmental integrity
Keeping with our environmental integrity we are also pleased to offer the assurance to our clients and the public in general that most products produced by Print House and sold or distributed through can have either the FSC or PEFC certification validating that the product is produced from environmentally responsible and sustainable resources.

Key considerations:
For many authors, publishing a book is a dream . . . and we are here to help you realise that dream.
We have promotional tools, such as an extensive database of contacts and the ability to produce e-mail and print campaigns.
In some cases authors do not have the time or resources to undertake the full time promotion and sales of their publication.
Our package focuses on being able to assist from concept through the production process to promotion and, finally the sales and distribution of the publication. We remove the ‘headache’ for you.
We can create an excellent opportunity to generate sales and increase a profile quickly through e-mail and print campaigns (ie: newsletters, special deals, new product promotions) to an extensive database of approximately 4000 contacts that includes libraries, schools and clubs.
Promotional material, such as posters, invites and newsletters can be sent to specific organisations to create awareness of specific publications and new releases.
We can even co-ordinate a book launch and signing if necessary, although this would be at the author’s or publisher’s expense.

Our Fee:
Firstly, there is the cost of production and this would be handled as if Print House were quoting for any other print project. In this instance it is important to consider the extent of our involvement.
For example do you want Print House to typeset, design and proof read or do you just want us to print, bind and hold a quantity of books for sale on
The reason for handling the process in this manner is to assure the author or publisher that Print House is competitive with other print suppliers throughout the production process.
Promotional material such as a short run of posters, invites, flyers are quoted and shown as additional costs.
A transaction fee applies to all publications sold on-line through The on-line sale price is determined by the author or publisher.
For further information please contact a Print House representative.

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