Jussi Luukkonen

Jussi LuukkonenJussi Luukkonen is a pioneer in the digital media industry. He co-founded the first Finnish digital design agency, To The Point Ltd in 1991, which became the fastest growing in its field. To The Point Ltd was a trailblazer and sought after employer winning more design awards than competitors combined. The impact of To The Point and Jussi's work as the leader of the company is still visible in Finland. Dozens of his former employees are now in leading positions in the industry in Europe and the USA as experts, leaders, designers and entrepreneurs.

Jussi is also a published writer and sought-after presenter and keynote speaker. In Finnish, he has published five books. Digital Campfires is his first book in English.

After moving to New Zealand in 2006, Jussi has been working mainly in the Education Industry as a leader, author, coach and facilitator both for public and private sectors.

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